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We find and coordinate the perfect musical entertainers for your weddings, private and corporate events.

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Drawing from our offices in Ibiza and Berlin, Ibiza Music Agency has an extensive selection of musical entertainment and animation.

Whatever your musical and entertainment needs Ibiza Music Agency will help make your wedding, corporate or private events a great success.

For the people who want everything to be perfect.

Our acts:


Brooklyn Bridge
Unique and explosive line up of Europe’s best American singers.
Ingrid - Soul Diva
Soul, Gospel, Pop & Jazz
Dorrey - Soul & Pop
Currently of The Weather Girls "It's Raining Men"
Ibiza Gospel
Gospel, Soul & Jazz
Ibiza Funk Collective
The Sound To Fit All Needs

Flamenco, Brazilian & Jazz

Ibiza Jazz
Jazz, Soul & Funk
Ibiza Bossa Nova
Brazilian Samba & Bossa Nova
Flamenco - Spanish Guitar
Ibiza Flamenco
Flamenco - Elegant, Professional, Young & Modern.
Ibiza Gipsy King
Original member of The Gypsy Kings


Ibiza Acoustic Duo
Acoustic Pop, Soul & Funk
Pop, Rock, Soul & Chill
Acoustic Soulstress
Pop & Soul - Acoustic solo to Full Band
Ibiza Sirenes
Singing Mermaids
Acoustic Songbirds
Pop, Soul & Classics

DJ, House & Chill

Jaime P.
DJ - Singer - Synth Lord
Black Diamond aka Moni
House & Soul
Funky House Trio
Ibiza Jazz, House, Soul & Tech
Pop - Soul - Diva
DJ Love
International DJ - Producer & Remixer.

Strings, Sax, Percussion & Keys

Ibiza String Trio
Ibiza String Trio
Gil Bara - Piano
Jazz - Pop - Brazilian
Anna - Harp
DJane + LED-Sax and Laser Violin
Pop, House & Classical

Animation & More

Fire, Stilts, Dance & LED
Ibiza Sirenes
Singing Mermaids
Ibiza Brazilian Dancers
Samba Dancers & Carnival Show
Ibiza Hula Hoops
LED Light | Fire dancer | Hula Hoop performer | Hoop Dance and fitness instructor
Ibiza - Professional Illusionist